Hunters save fawn from fence

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Hunters save fawn from fence. Hunters Save Deer that's Caught in a Barbwire Fence. 171223203 Hunters Save Fawn Stuck In The Ice. Hunter Saves Crying Fawn Caught in Barbed Wire. Saving Buck || ViralHog. Kudu Rescue in Central Kalahari. Hunter Saves BABY Deer! (Crazy Predator Control). Hunter saved deer in fence. CRYING Deer Stuck in Fence Rescued by GREAT Guy | The Dodo. Man Saves Abandoned Baby Deer. Saving a Fawn From Our Fence! June 29, 2013. The Fawn Can't Hop the Fence!. Saving deer. Hunter saves a trapped roebuck - Animal Rescue. Deer Trapped Between Two Trees When Hunters Come to the Rescue || ViralHog. Hunter saves young elk caught in fence. Newborn Fawn Saved. Deer Hunter Saves Deer. Incredible Bull Elk Rescued from Certain Death. Hunter saves deer.

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