...MANY A LONG DAY... Impression part 2 ©Ine van Son

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Installation in commission of Een Bunder Kunst 's-Heer Arendskerke NL, august/september 2018. This is part 2 of a fast impression of the installation. Please do also check part 1: https://youtu.be/xh9f6rh8f-4 A complete visit to the installation: https://youtu.be/HoeLWfo6-EI "Ine wants to put a brake on life. She gets tired of all the hurrying, the running and the superficiality. She wants to take time to really see the world. For the installation '...many a long day...' she took an old crochet pattern, used in bygone days to make borders in cupboards or bed linen in crochet lace. She used this pattern to crochet her coarse, hand-spun sheep wool. With this material she fences in a bit of space. To feel a bit more sheltered, to feel a bit safer. She builds this bit of space with the resources that are available to her: wool and time. Like a 'historic', 'womanly' answer to the fastness and harshness of our world. Go inside that space. live the security and calmness that reigns there. And if you want, sit down and do a bit of crochet. To live yourself a bit of 'many a long day'." More information on my website: www.inevanson.exto.org