The Complete Shader Workflow of Bedroom Interior in Blender

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The Complete Shader Workflow of Bedroom Interior in Blender. 4 Steps to Light an Interior Bedroom in Blender. Modeling and Rendering of the Interior in Blender 3D | Part 1 - Modeling. Tree Creature - Blender 2.8 development test. Blender Tutorial: Architectural Interior - Part 1 of 2. The Secret Ingredient to Photorealism. 5 Simple Things You Might Need to Know about Eevee | Blender Realtime Engine.

DOWNLOAD THE STARTER FILE HERE : HIGHLIGHTS : 0:01 Presentation 0:18 Mattras Base Shader 7:45 Render Masking Setting 8:40 Render Result of Mattras Base 8:54 Blanket Shader 10:32 Render Result of Blanket 10:44 Mattras Shader 11:15 PillowBig Shader 12:54 Render Result of PillowBig 13:06 PillowBack Shader 15:28 Render Result of PillowBack 15:53 Carpet Shader 19:14 Render Result of Carpet 19:31 Chair Base Shader 20:10 Special stitch on chair 22:18 Chair Leg Shader (Wood) 24:22 Render Result of Chair 24:29 Fix the Chair Base shader to be darker 24:55 Render Result of the fixed Chair 25:08 Floor Shader 28:01 Render Result of the Floor 28:15 Black Glossy Shader 30:20 Link Materials between wall lamp and standing lamp 30:39 Black Metal Shader 31:09 Wood Shader 32:31 Render Result of Black and Wood Shader 32:48 Concrete Wall Shader 40:07 Render Result of Concrete 40:22 Top Wall Lamp 40:38 Painting Shader 41:51 White Glossy Shader 42:17 Second Painting Shader 44:55 Wall Interior Shader 45:33 Render Result of Wall Interior 45:47 Curtain Shader 47:30 Window Frame Shader 50:08 Glass Shader 51:17 Render Result of Curtain and Window Frame 52:07 Remove Layer Masking 52:23 Book Shader 54:29 Background Plate Shader (BG Plate) 55:26 Turn on Particle System 55:46 Assign Carpet Shader to Particle Objects 56:11 Final Render Setting 56:40 Final Render Result 57:02 Thanks :) Thanks for Watching Guys !!! Please Subscribe and leave a comment below :) —————————————————————————————— If you guys want to support me, please visit my page at Gumroad here : —————————————————————————————— Bintang Senja Pratama : CG Artist, Lighters, Thinker, Designer, CreativePreneur Business : Email: [email protected] Line: @bintangsenjapratama Studio: Studio Email: [email protected] Social Media : Artstation : Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Studio Facebook : Also Subscribe to this Studio Channel : Pawitra Studio : Pawitra Kids : Song: MBB - Take It Easy (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: