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Gwennap Gwennap Pit - Explore Cornwall. Gwennap Pit, Pentecost 2012. CORNISH WALK - Redruth mining heritage, Gwennap Pit and Carn Marth. Gwennap Pit 16-08-09. Gwennap Pit. Revd Leo Osborn-Gwennap Pit. Gwennap pit. Gwennap pit. Prayers at Gwennap Pit. Gwennap Pit, Gwennap, Cornwall. Gwennap Pit Open Air Amphitheatre Redruth Cornwall John Wesley Methodism. Gwennap Pit Redruth Cornwall England UK John Wesley Methodism. IGO Cornwall Gwennap Pit. Gwennap Pit near Redruth Cornwall open air amphitheatre from above DJI Phantom 4 drone. Euan recognisd as Local Preacher. Cameron singing at Gwennap Pit. Jenny Lockwood and Margaret Smith at Gwennap Pit. Alvajoan 20180114 Gwennap Pit Cornwall UK green in winter.. 17 06 17 JOHN WESLEY GWENNAP PIT INTERCESSION.