Solacracy vs WindZero - BBTAG GRAND FINAL - WNFO - Feat Carmine, Rachel, Weiss, Orie

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Solacracy vs WindZero - BBTAG GRAND FINAL - WNFO - Feat Carmine, Rachel, Weiss, Orie. XsK_ Samurai vs LPN - SFV GRAND FINAL - WNFO - Feat Akuma, Abigail, M. Bison. Mastrcheap vs Besche - BBTAG GRAND FINAL - WNF 3.6 - Feat Ragna, Tager, Vatista, Es. Jona vs Kazunoko - BBTAG GRAND FINAL - SCR 2018 - Feat Ruby, Gordeau. [BBTAG] Labrys Orie Casual match!. GRAND FINAL - MDU vs Summon Breaker - Dissidia NT - WNFO 10 - ft Kain, Noctis, Golbez, Shantotto. Julio Fuentes vs LPN - SFV LOSERS FINAL - WNFO - Feat Ken, M. Bison. XsK_Samurai vs Julio Fuentes - SFV WINNERS FINAL - WNFO - Feat Akuma, Ken. BBTAG | Carmine Redub. 【BBTAG ver1.30】 WEISS Combos ワイス コンボ集. BBTAG GanTai0119 (Ragna, Carmine) vs Mogu Mogu (Mika, Makoto) Ranked Match. [email protected] 269 BBTAG - Doriavis [L] Vs. TS | Rei - BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Grand Finals. Heiho vs. Fame96 - BBTAG Grand Finals [EVO 2018] | BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. JB vs Pnoy - SFV GRAND FINAL - WNF 3.7 - Feat Rashid, M. Bison. John Takeuchi vs JB - SFV GRAND FINAL - DKT - Feat Rashid. Bas vs DGV - SSF2T GRAND FINAL - SCR 2018 - Feat Sagat, Ryu. GRAND FINAL PREVIEW | LONDON vs PHILADELPHIA #TheFirstFinals | PLAYOFF GRAND FINAL | Talking Esports. Saliou vs Valiant - SFV GRAND FINAL - DKT - Feat G, M. Bison, Urien. Saliou vs EliTheCurry - SFV GRAND FINAL - DKT - Feat Urien, Laura. Grand Final TM Nicolas99Fc Vs B04 M4RV FIFA 18 PS4 Global Series Playoff Grand Final ????.

Replay from the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Grand Final at Wednesday Night Fights Oakland Episode 8 (9/12/18) featuring Solacracy (Carmine, Rachel) vs WindZero (Weiss, Orie). VOD courtesy WNF Oakland is a weekly tournament series held every Wednesday at the Esports Arena in Oakland, CA hosted by Level Up Series. Be sure to watch the stream each week and check out their Facebook and pages for the latest information: Information: Brackets: --- Body Count Fighting is a channel devoted to all things fighting games. Each week on YouTube we post replays from local tournaments around the country from games such as Street Fighter V, Blade Strangers, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Pokkén Tournament DX, and others. Every other month on Twitch and Mixer we host a live event called Body Count Fighting (BCF), a series of exhibition/show matches in which pro players duke it out for championship titles and bragging rights in their respective games. We also host FREE online tournaments with cash prizes every couple weeks in Street Fighter V, Injustice 2, and more coming soon. You can watch us daily on Twitch where we play a number of fighting games and bring in guest hosts such as Commander Jesse, ViciousFGC, and WonderChef to give their expert advice on how to improve your skills. For more great fighting game content, follow us here: YouTube: Twitch: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: